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Framing at Smith Galleries

Posted by Wally Smith on

    Framing is an integral part of the presentation and visual appeal of your art as well as providing protection to ensure a long life of enjoyment.
    Smith Galleries specializes in conservation framing using Alphamat Artcare Preservation Framing® materials. The number one enemy of your priceless artwork or memorabilia is time. As your cherished possession ages, air pollution, paper degradation and by-products of the material's own aging, all combine to cause fading, yellowing, and discoloring. Only Alphamat® with its patented MicroChamber® technology can protect from the permanent damages brought on by air pollution, paper degradation, and aging to ensure the highest level of protection against damaging elements and significantly extending the life of you art.
    In addition, we use TruVue® glass which filters 99% of ultraviolet light and effectively prohibits fading from light. All pieces are framed with an archival dust-cover (not butcher paper) on the back. This may sound rather complicated and over the top, but we can promise you that you will be pleased with the results both today and 10 years from now. We use the same high quality materials on art you bring to us for framing as we do on the pieces we hang in the gallery.
    Wally Smith (co-owner of Smith Galleries) does all the framing for the gallery. With over 25 years of experience, he has seen it all. He will not let you make a mistake. He is normally in the gallery to assist you on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
   With over 1000 frames and hundreds of mat boards to select from, you can be assured of the perfect compliment for your framing needs.
   Smith Galleries is centrally located in The Village at Wexford on Hilton Head Island, SC, at 1000 William Hilton Parkway.

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