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Picture Framing

Picture framing is an art form at Smith Galleries.
Smith Galleries offers the highest level of expertise in picture framing with over 25 years of experience. All the picture framing at Smith Galleries is done by the owner of the gallery, Wally Smith. All work is done in house at the gallery in a specially designed room which is fully equipped with up to date precision equipment. Conservation framing is our specialty. If you are not familiar with custom framing, don't worry, we will not let you make a mistake.

Framer on duty Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.
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20% Savings on cost
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During October,
November & December 2023


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Print this certificate on your printer and bring it into Smith Galleries anytime during August through December of 2022  with your framing project and receive a 20% savings on the cost of one frame.
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