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Smith Galleries is OPEN!

Posted by Wally Smith on

    While we are very concerned about everything that has been going on in our country because of the carona virus, we decided to put the sheltering time to productive use here at Smith Galleries. We (Jean and Wally) have remodeled the gallery during the past six weeks.
    We started by refurbishing our eleven large outdoor planters which Wally built about thirty years ago. That was about a three day job. So many of you have commented on the planters over the years. They look really good with the soft green paint and contrasting color of the "Purple Heart" plants.
    There are eight walls in the gallery which are painted their own unique colors. We have changed those colors twice over the years. We have talked recently about changing the colors again and really kicking them up a notch. Little did we realize that the gallery was going to be shut down which gave us the opportunity to paint. So, we painted those walls and even painted the floor Cherokee Red which was a big change from the grey it had been for 32 years. Because the gallery was designed by architect Bennett Strahan (a Frank Lloyd Wright scholar) we chose the Cherokee Red floor color as that is the color he used in most of his solid color concrete floors. We love the ambiance it has created in the gallery.
    We took a couple of days to pull all 1,100 frame samples off the walls in our framing area to check their numbers and found a couple of trash cans full of discontinued moldings. Jean spent several days in Wally's framing room organizing the hundreds of less-than-full-size pieces of mat board which accumulate and somehow just do not get filed appropriately during rush times to get jobs out the door.
    Jean also spent several days cleaning out and organizing our eight double wide file drawers which had not been done in quite a while...years actually. That resulted in about 100 pounds of paper being removed from the files. There were about 50 file folders from artists who are no longer exhibiting with the gallery (for many reasons) which were removed. We can now actually get necessary paper into the files...very nice.
   So, all in all, we are very pleased that we did not waste the opportunity of time which the corona virus offered.
    We are well and hope that you are too.
    Please come see what we have been up to.

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