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Flameware by Terry Silverman at Smith Galleries

Posted by Wally Smith on


Smith Galleries has featured the wheel-thrown flameware pottery of Terry Silverman for many years. Handmade by Terry since 1973 at his one man studio, The Pottery Works, this cookware suits the needs of everyone in the kitchen, from the gourmet chef to the everyday cook. Flameware is safe to use directly over a gas flame or an electric burner as well as in the oven and even the microwave.These pots provide an even heating surface and continue to hold heat long after they have been removed from the oven or stove-top. Pots are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with metal pads or utensils; they are very durable and almost impossible to scratch. Designed for the cook who wants a wholesome looking object that works great and is made by a real person.

    Wally (owner of Smith Galleries) was a potter for many years and flameware was a part of his production. Here he is shown in the early 70's in his booth at the Craftsman's Fair of the Southern Highlands when it was held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
    So how does flameware work? Wally explains...simply put, the clay body does not expand when it is heated on the stove-top. The clay body has spodumene and pyrorphylitte which are both high in alumina and silica with very low coefficients of expansion. The clay body is somewhat more challenging to form on the potter's wheel as is has poor stand as compared to stoneware.

The purpose of this blog post is to let you know that we have just received a new shipment of flameware from Terry. Above is a picture of our current display. The skillets are the most popular...they hold heat and can be taken to the table to serve from. If you love to cook and have not tried flameware, start with a small skillet and give it a whirl.


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