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 Smith Galleries is Hilton Head Island's finest gallery of contemporary American fine craft and art. The gallery features the work of over 300 of this country’s outstanding professional artists.

Both the gallery and the building which houses it are owned by Jean and Wally Smith, who for many years were professional artists.

The above photo is of Jean weaving at her loom. She specialized in double-weave garments for ladies. She is wearing one of her cotton tops. Jean has been retired as a weaver since 1992.

The above photo is of Wally "throwing" a pot in 1968. Wally has been retired as a potter since 1992.

See pictures of Wally's days as a potter by clicking here.

Smith Galleries encompasses 3600 square feet and was designed by Bennett Strahan, a Taliesan architect (Frank Lloyd Wright). The interior of the gallery is fully equipped with custom display fixtures which were made by Wally.

Smith Galleries has been at its present location since 1988. Prior to that, beginning in 1971, the Smiths owned The Potters’ Mark in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for sixteen years, giving them a total of fifty-one years experience in the art market.

The above picture is the front facade of The Potters' Mark which housed Wally's pottery studio on the lower level and Jean's weaving studio on the upper level. The studio existed from August of 1972 until June 10, 1987, when it was destroyed by fire.

Smith Galleries has been voted the Best Gallery, Best Jewelry store and Best Gift Store on Hilton Head as well as the Best Children's Store in the Low-Country. The gallery is also a member of CRAFT.

You can see many pictures of the Smith Galleries here.