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Word Wheel Puzzle

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The Word Wheel Puzzle is a mix of Scrabble, word search and brain teaser.

Arrange the wheels such that at least two 4-letter words appear at the same time. Each wheel contains the alphabet A - Z in order. It is remarkably difficult to find even one pair of words, but there are more to find. It is very addicting...

There are 17,576 possible unique positions of the wheels that will show 456,000+ 4-letter combinations. Only a few of these wheel positions will yield two words at the same time. An example: LAWN & PEAR will appear at the same time.

This is an historical puzzle dating from 1882 when it was made from paper. The inventor, WH Rieff, called it a Spelling Toy and Puzzle and it was meant to be both educational and entertaining. It has not been made in any format for generations to our knowledge.

You can use any word which can be found in a standard English language dictionary or Scrabble dictionary. Like Scrabble, types of words which cannot be used are abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes or words that require a hyphen or an apostrophe. Proper names and words that are spelled with a capital letter also cannot be used.

Note: This is also an item that may have appeal to educators in developing word, spelling, and language skills.

Made in the USA.

UPDATE! Jeff Scott Brown wrote a program which identifies all possible answers based on the scrabble dictionary. There are 353 word pairs and 14 triple words possible! It will be supplied with your order.

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