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Five Fit Wood Puzzle

Smith Galleries

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This is such an interesting puzzle!  Looks like anyone should be able to solve it in minutes, since it has only 5 pieces.  Yet, it is much more difficult than it first appears! It makes a fantastic desk or coffee table puzzle as people will want to try it and tend to get pulled into the puzzle, not wanting to give up.  You can attempt it in seconds and always seem to get close.

The pieces are made from various woods, nicely finished on both sides. They are 1/4" thick so are nice durable and have a great feel.   There will be at least 3 different woods used.  The frame is made from floorboard material with a home for the 5th pieces on the side, such that is comes unsolved as shown in the photo.  Measures about 5" x 4" in the frame. It comes with the solution, but try not to look!

Made in the USA under license of Stewart Coffin.

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