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Celestial Geode Green Blue Mix

Thomas Kelly

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The "Celestial Geode Green Blue Mix" is a bright and sophisticated piece of handblown glass that will add elegance to any location.

  • Measuring 12" wide x 4" deep x 9.5" in height.
  •  A geode is a very unusual rock as it’s comprised of a hard round exterior, yet is hollow and contains crystals inside. The color of those crystals is what makes the rock such a special collectible. Inspired by these natural phenomenon, the intricate Geode sculpture consists of vibrant arcs of blown glass swirling around a clear, hand-sculpted bowl that cradles a gleaming black sphere which contrasts beautifully against a backdrop of speckled color. While you don’t know what color crystals you’ll find in a geode in nature until you break it open, with a Geode sculpture you can select just the right color for you.

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