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Sincerely Sticks vs Original Handmade Sticks

Here's a rundown of the process used to create Sincerely, Sticks products:
  • A handmade original piece is made in the style you've all come to know and love. It's design lines are burned in and hand painted so you can feel the etched lines and see every brush stroke.
  • Then a high resolution photograph is taken of the original handmade Sticks piece.
  • That photograph is digitally touched up and sent to the printer in the Sticks studio.
  • The wooden pieces are then fed through the printer as it lays ink directly onto the surface of the wood.
  • The pieces are then sprayed with several coats of the same protective polyurethane that's used on the handmade Sticks products to assure that it is just as durable.
  • Sincerely Sticks looks the same as Sticks originals but without the artistic labor involved. You will not feel the etched lines up close but if you take a couple of steps back you won't even notice. The paint strokes and wood grain you see is actually ink.
  • Sincerely Sticks yields a much lower price point than original Sticks.