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Enigma II Encryption Machine

Smith Galleries

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This is an encryption machine that will allow you to encrypt your own messages and in addition we have provided 8 secret messages for  you to try and solve.  A series of hints and finally full solutions are provided for the 8 secret messages.

The machine can be used to encode your own secret messages.  Send and receive secret messages to anyone who has a machine. It is quite easy to use but creates messages that are not easy to decode. Complete instructions on how to use the machine are provided and summarized below. 

It is all wood construction with gears cut from ¼” thick wood.  All letters and text are deeply laser engraved into the wood.  The gears turn on alloy steel pins.  Made in USA and designed to last a lifetime.

Measures approx. 9.4” x 3.2” x 1”.  Each gear is approx. 2.7” in diameter.

To encode a message:
1. Define the gear order such as 7 (spokes) - 6 - 5 as shown above
2. Create a 3 letter key word and put gears on pins with letters of keyword at each respective arrow. In the example above the keyword would be ZCK.
3. The 3rd gear (right side) is the Output Wheel, or the gear that defines the unencoded letter.  Turn this gear such that the first letter to be encoded is at the arrow.
4. Record the encoded letter on the 1st gear at the top arrow. In the example above the letter “K” would encode to “Z”
5. Turn the Output Wheel to the next letter to be encoded.  
6. Record the encoded letter on the 2nd gear (middle gear) at the top arrow.
7. Repeat this process going back and forth between the 1st and 2nd gears.
Note that encoded messages are commonly grouped in blocks of 4 letter with no regard for word spacing or punctuation.  Once the letters are decoded it is relatively easy to see the words. 
8. OPTIONAL: you can make your message even more secure if you change your Key code during the course of the message. There are many ways to do this.  For example you might have a  key phrase that contains 3 key words. (such as “Pet the Dog”)
Then after every 20th letter you change the wheels to match the next key word. The first key setting would be PET, then THE, then DOG.  Repeat this process moving through the key words and then starting over.  Or you could specify to change the wheel order; or both wheel order and key word.  This greatly increases the security of the message.

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