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Shut The Box - Four Row Version

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Shut The Box in the four row version allows variations of the game. An unusual format for the classic shut the box game that can be played as the standard game or with variations noted below and reviewed on the video below.

Typically Shut the box has just one row of numbers.  Any number of people can play by passing the game after their turn is done.  (See one of our listings for shut box for more info on the standard rules if you are unfamiliar with them.)

This 4 Row Shut box measures about 9” x 9” and each row has #1 – 10 with the numbers laser engraved for both beauty and long life.

VARIATIONS  possible with the 4 row model Shut Box game

  1. HEAD TO HEAD  Shut  Box -  for 2 to 4 people.

Each person uses one row of numbers on the board.  If only 2 people then they may each take 2 rows if desired. Note;  in the 2 player version where each player has 2 rows of numbers, he can use numbers on either or both rows to reach the target number.

-The first person rolls the dice one time; flips numbers on his row(s) that add to the dice total and then passes the dice clockwise to the next person to do the same. 

-After each person has rolled 1 time, a common roll of the dice is made by one of the players, or an observer.  Now each player must flip over numbers that add to this roll.  

-Play continues and after each round, a common roll is repeated. 

-If during a round, someone cannot make the target number, then he is “out” with a score that equals the sum of all numbers remaining on his row(s). 

-Play continues until all players are either “out” or have “Shut the Box” by flipping all numbers.  When a player does Shut the Box he gets “0” points (remember, points are bad), and all other players must double their score for that round.

  1. CHALLENGE Shut Box - for 1 to any number players

Goal - Shut all the numbers in the box (using all 4 rows)

In this version each person plays their entire round and gets a final score before passing it on to the next person.  Low score wins.

-Roll the dice.  Now make the sum flipping any number of tabs from any rows that add up to the sum.  Thus, if I rolled a 6 and 6 = 12.  Then I could flip a 5 from one row, a 2  from another, a 3 from another , and a 1 from the last row (assuming these were available).  Or anything from any row(s) that adds to 12. 

-Continue this process until the box is either “Shut” (all numbers flipped) or you get stuck and cannot flip the target number.  In this case you must add all remaining numbers in all rows to get your final score. 

MULTIPLICATION VARIATION on this game:  When you roll the dice, you must multiple the dice to get your target score.

Thus if I roll a 6 and 6, my target score would be 6 x 6 =36.   If I roll a 2 and 4, then my target roll would be 2 x 4 = 8.  This variation is excellent in developing basic math skills for students beginning to learn multiplication.

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