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StoryPeople Books

Some Kind of Ride


Some Kind of Ride is Brian's newest book, a beautiful hardcover collection of stories filled with laughter & a quirky mix of dark & light. The colorful artwork leaps off the page while the stories bring you right to the heart of how it feels to be alive today. Measures 6" x 9" and is printed on archival paper.

Traveling Light



Traveling Light is Brian's first hardcover book. It's filled with beautiful, fun, lively & haunting color illustrations. It vibrates with light (that's the only way we can describe it. Once you hold it in your hands, see if you can come up with a better description. We'd love to hear it...) That's not even talking about the stories themselves. This book is filled with all new stories that range from poignant to wry. It's a gem of a book that will delight for years to come...

All six books below are printed on archival paper and measure 6"x9". Each book contains approximately 65 stories and drawings in black and white. All books are $15 each. 

Mostly True


Mostly True is the first book of the trilogy. This book was transferred directly from the first StoryPeople sculptures at the request of a fanatical group of San Francisco Bay area collectors. It includes some of the best known stories, including "Flying Woman" and "Believing My Father". A recommended starter book. It is printed on archival 70 lb. text paper, so it handles almost any abuse. 

Still Mostly True

Still Mostly True is the second book, first published in 1994. It includes over 80 stories and drawings.  It includes such favorites as "Angels of Mercy" and "True Things". 

Going Somewhere Soon

Going Somewhere Soon is the third book, completed on Valentine's Day, 1995. While the first two books were done in Berkeley, this book was done in Iowa, where the artist moved with his family after 16 years in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Andreas has also intimated that the title of the third book is the logical response of someone who has found themselves stranded suddenly in the food hell of a small Midwestern town. This book carries some of the most resonant stories including "Butterflies" and "Chihuahua". 

Strange Dreams

The fourth book in the "trilogy", Strange Dreams, appears to have been completed on the artist's birthday in September, 1996. "I'd always planned on doing a trilogy", he says, "but I didn't figure out that meant I'd have to stop at three. So, I've developed a more relaxed attitude towards trilogies than people have been used to in the past..." The ninety, or so, stories in this book include some of his favorites, including "Simple Rules" and "Hindsight".

Hearing Voices

Hearing Voices is the fifth book of the series that began with Mostly True Collected Stories and Drawings. Brian has continued the journey, weaving humor and poignancy in his stories and drawings.

Trusting Soul


Trusting Soul is the sixth book of Brian's trilogy - see, we told you he was going to stretch this "trilogy" thing! You could consider this book packed full of gifts for the future. Gifts of laughter & silliness. Of questions that quite possibly have no answer. Of moments that tie together in a net that will always catch you, whether you believe it or not.


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